:: By inviting your friends to register and buy bids on® you will be rewarded?                  :: In every auction you can ask for a "Hint"?                  :: Pode acompanhar o resultado das suas licitações na página de “Detalhes” do seu leilão?                  :: If you are SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM has access to unique auctions?                  :: You can check the statistics graph of all the bids at the end of each auction?                   :: You can exchange your points for fantastic awards?                  :: If you have any questions,® has a support team responsible for the Customer Services?                  :: When you bid on ® automatically you earn points?                  :: From the moment you become a SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM user can take advantage of all the respective benefits for 6 months?                  :: If you wish you can bid on a range of bids in one single action?                   :: Can follow the outcome of their bids in the tab "Bids Made" in "Personal Area"?                  :: If you invite their friends to register and bid at ®, you also win?                  :: You can buy Packs of Bids through different methods of payment according to your choice?                  :: If you buy PREMIUM bids can bid on fantastic PREMIUM auctions?                  :: You can share your favorite auctions on your social network of choice?                  :: If a friend of yours to buy PREMIUM bids will have a first purchase bonus?                   :: Bid on® is completely free?                  
Closed Auctions
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Winner › Marek
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Winner › Filipemini
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